Companion Care Monday – Friday 08:00 – 18:00 hrs £20 – £26 per hour
Companion Care Saturdays and Sundays 08:00 – 18:00 hrs  £25 – £31 per hour
Companion Care Bank Holidays 08:00 – 18:00 hrs £35.00 per hour
Companion Care Bank Holidays outside of the above hours £40.00 per hour
Overnight stay 20:00 – 08:00 hrs £250.00
Dog Walking Monday – Friday £12.00 per hour
£8.00 per 30 mins
Dog Walking Weekends £13.00 per hour
£9.00 per 30 mins
Pet sitting/visits £6.00 per visit or £10 for 2 visits in one day

Mileage to and from the visit (up to 10 miles) is included in the hourly rate.   Mileage incurred during outings/visits out is invoiced at 45p per mile.  Expenses, refreshments, admissions, parking etc are paid by your companion during outings/visits and are invoiced at cost with all receipts provided.

All instructions are subject to Bath Home Companions’ standard terms and conditions.

Clients will be invoiced weekly, and payment should be made within 7 days of the date of invoice.  A deposit of one week’s payment is due prior to commencement of contract, and will be deducted from the final week’s invoice.