Companion with older woman and man

Q. What can Bath Home Companions do for me?
A. We offer an in-depth assistance and companionship service. Please see the Services page for details.

Q. How long do visits last?
A. Our visits are a minimum of 1 hour to ensure that our time with you will not feel rushed. Often our clients like us to accompany them on trip which can last longer.

Q. How often can I have visits?
A. Some people have visits once a week, others two or three times a day. We will frequently address your requirements with you to make sure that you are receiving the care you want and need.

Q. How do I arrange a visit?
A. When you enquire, we will arrange an initial visit you to discuss your requirements. If you would like a regular visit, we will talk through the best time and day for you. Ad hoc visits can be arranged by telephoning the office.

Q. I require help for just a couple of weeks while my family are away – are you able to help?
A. Yes – we can offer assistance for short or long-term contracts.

Q. How do I pay for visits?
A. Visits are invoiced on a monthly basis and should be settled within seven days.

Q. What if I ask a companion to pick up some shopping for me?
A. This would be billed at the same time as the monthly invoice, with accompanying receipts.

Q. What happens if I become ill or need medical advice or help?
A. By establishing a close relationship with you, we are often able to see potential health issues. With your consent, we will liaise with family, doctors and community health services.

Q. What if my needs change and I require personal or nursing care?
A. We will help you discuss your requirements going forward with your doctor, medical practice and family.

Q. Can I cancel a visit without incurring costs?
A. We require 48 hours notice if you wish to cancel a visit, otherwise the full cost will be payable.

Q. Will you hold my keys securely?
A. Keys, keycode numbers and alarm codes are stored privately in a protected and unnamed environment. We will ask you to sign a ‘Key Release Form’ that we will also sign, to confirm confidentiality and security.

Q. How will you look after my personal details?
A. We abide by the GDPR and will ensure that your data is stored and handled in line with regulations. We will provide you with a copy of our Privacy Notice.

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