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Companion looks at photographs with older woman

  • Company during your day. This may be an hour or a whole afternoon, a chat over a cup of tea or a long reminisce about past events, a game of cards, a crossword or us reading you your favourite book or the newspaper to you
  • Assistance with technology such as iPads, mobiles phones, computers and household tasks such as bills and letters
  • Admin – typing, proofreading, emails, diaries, travel arrangements
  • Care of your pets – including walking your dog, taking to the vet/groomers etc
  • Household tasks – ironing, cleaning, hoovering, changing beds etc, checking smoke detectors, changing light-bulbs and batteries
  • Cooking, preparation and sharing of nutritious meals and assistance with staying hydrated
  • Running of errands – picking up prescriptions, dry-cleaning, going to the post office, helping to arrange for flowers, a card or a gift to be sent
  • Enriching your quality of life by driving you to leisure activities and social events – swimming, exercise classes, church, coffee mornings, visiting friends
  • An extra pair of eyes and ears at doctor, hospital, solicitor, accountant appointments
  • Driving and accompanying to hospital appointments, shopping, garden centres or to visit places that hold special memories from your past
  • Organising of hairdressers/barber, chiropodists, nail manicures, beauty salon, etc both in and outside the home. We hold a list of highly skilled, trusted, kind and recommended tradespeople
  • Keeping your mind active by following your interests and favourite pastimes or helping you to develop new ones such as learning the piano, painting or sudoko (these can help with Mental Awareness and often stimulate memories)
  • Helping with medication reminders and dropping off prescriptions or organising dosette boxes
  • Creating an inventory of valuable and/or treasured possessions and assisting with the task of downsizing or donating to charity
  • Providing transportation for you to get out and enjoy life – you choose where you would like to go!

These are just some of the services that we are able to provide.  We are flexible and are able to listen to your needs.

Older woman doing a crossword puzzle with companion; companion shopping with older woman

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